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After decades of induced hibernation the air man returns. Planet Smashotopia, once a prosperous kingdom powered by energy of sound is suffering a major collapse. The intergalactic senate representatives refuse to acknowledge the issue. Just as the founder of Qua-n0 planetary system predicted - "If our music dies, civilization will follow." Independent algorithms, auto tune droids and most vicious software Drak3 are taking over and destroying planet Smashotopia and there is almost no one to fight back. Rockstar Astronaut is appalled by what he witnesses and is in rage because he knows that bots will not stop there.

After consulting a remaining fraction of opposition loyal to the old values, air man is given a new mission. Reclassified as David Smash and equipped only with an ancient seven string instrument, he is bringing precious cargo in his spacecraft 'Phoebes' to the center of Virgo Super-cluster in hopes to warn and unite.

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